Rumor: Apple to drop iPhone 5c in favor of ‘iPhone 6’

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, had accepted that sales of the iPhone 5c were lower than estimated.Not sure why the iPhone 5c didn’t perform well, perhaps it wasn’t low-cost enough or perhaps it didn’t have as numerous functions to justify its value, but if there’s one thing it did do was help drive iPhone 5s sales, at least that’s what the experts seem to think.

iPhone 5C

Well, it turns out that the iPhone 5c will be dropped totally once the iPhone 6 is released. South China Morning Post, who claims that Apple will be stopping the iPhone 5c once the iPhone 6 is released. The iPhone 5s on the other hand is estimated to be kept around, although it will be made from less expensive components.

Not sure what that indicates since using less expensive elements would fundamentally turn it into yet another device, but since nothing is established for now, take it with a grain of salt.

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