Portable Nintendo 64 mod made from GBA carrying case

A lot of these what are known as ‘portable gaming console case mod’ is becoming famous currently, just after not long ago functional cordless Playstation 2; we have gotten presently a different one, offering the portable Nintendo 64 mod


This shows up the fact that Nintendo 64 is not completely lifeless at this point, as well as this particular mod is attempting to show that as it brings together the strength of Nintendo 64 along with the particular appearance of Game Boy Advance, plus it’s holding function especially. Since we can observe, such mod applies several of the control keys belonging to the regular Nintendo 64 game controller, however it does not appear having a D-pad. Rather, the game utilizes analog stick of Nintendo Game Cube, and other than the particular D-pad, you will observe that all additional keys are there, however a few seem to be smaller sized. To that end, whenever you desire to enjoy your much-loved video game, you jut require a good old Nintendo 64 cartridge to set up that mod and after that you are ready to play.


Hailrazer, regarding his individual enjoyment, makes this Nintendo 64 specific approach therefore this Nintendo 64 is not offered for sale, and if you want your own you have to assemble your personal.


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