PlayStation is releasing its suite to Sony Ericsson

Each of our most esteemed PlayStation is actually releasing PlayStation Suite to Sony Ericsson Smart phones. Absolutely yes, Sony has set up its thoughts to enhance their PlayStation players over and above all perspectives. NVIDIA Tegra 2 phones is gonna attain PlayStation Suite within it.

In accordance with the statement at the NVIDIA Tegra Zone news flash webpage, Sony will quickly provide their PlayStation Suite to Tegra 2 phones afterwards in 2011. The PlayStation Suite is an software store which will promote Sony video games specifically developed for the Xperia Play along with other cell phones that holding up Android operating system. It is extremely puzzling that Sony Ericsson Xperia Play smartphone doesn’t actually operate on a Tegra 2 processor by itself, however it entirely possible that extra equipment may be combined with the number of recognized handsets whenever Play Station Suite it’ll be officially presented..

In case you are an Xperia user or gonna be 1, you could expect so much from it. So continue enjoying your playstation experience through PlayStation Suite.

Video for PlayStation Suite meeting


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