‘Password1′ is most common business password worldwide

If you own a company, then make sure not just you, but your whole organization – everything that needs and everybody who’s a password, will not use ‘Password1′ as the password.

This is what we managed to gather from on-line security agency Trustwave, who reported that the supposedly secret word was the option for most business firms simply because it really fulfilled complexity settings.

Over 5 percent of computer users chosen it because it sports a capitalized letter, carries a minumum of one number, and will also fulfill the criteria of having the right number of figures – the minimum, at least. Obviously, this is a little bit harder to hack compared to the most widely used code word that home users depend on – that is, ‘password.’

The current day problem for most first world country occupants would be this – you’ve a lot of passwords to keep in mind for the countless on-line accounts that you own.

  1. Password1
  2. welcome
  3. password
  4. Welcome1
  5. welcome1
  6. Password2
  7. 123456
  8. Password01
  9. Password3
  10. [email protected]
  11. Passw0rd
  12. Password4
  13. Password123
  14. Summer09
  15. Password6
  16. Password7
  17. Password9
  18. Password8
  19. password1
  20. Welcome2
  21. Welcome01
  22. Winter10
  23. Spring2010
  24. Summer11
  25. Summer2011



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