Pakistani wonder kid makes history in Computer Programming

PakistaniAfter the late Arfa Karim raised the country’s pride by becoming the earth’s youngest Microsoft Certified Professional, yet another Pakistani wonder kid has made history after developing 7 Microsoft and Google approved computer operating systems.

The 14 yr old Pakistani student, Sikandar Mehmood Baloch, lives in Abbottabad. Sikandar not only became a certified professional of 107 computer engineering languages at an early age but has also received certificates of his achievements from Microsoft and performed work for Google. He’s also received 25 certificates as recognition of his unique work done for Google, the main search engine on the globe.

Sikandar is studying in the 9th class in a local school and has made several Linux Systems (From VVS1 to VVS7) and created an indigenous anti-virus system as well. He made a world record at the age of 9 after developing his initial operating-system.

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