Pakistan Air Force makes its own ‘iPad’

iPadPakistani military was trying to produce a homegrown version of the iPad (PacPad) at the Kamra Air Force Complex, American news agency has reported. The $200 iPad tablet was developed at the Kamra Air Force facility that manufactured fighter aircraft and was the most recent addition to Pakistan military’s sprawling commercial empire.

The report appearing in The Gulf News, maintains: “The gadget operates on Android 2.3, an operating-system created by Google and given away free of charge. At around $200, it’s less than 50 % the cost of Apple or Samsung gadgets and less than other low-end Chinese tablets on the market, with the benefit of a local, 1 year guarantee. The PAC in the name stands for the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex, where it is made. The PAC also produces an e-reader and small laptop.”

The UAE newspaper has mentioned that just a few hundred models of each product have been made so far, though a new batch would be finished in the next 3 months. It concludes by saying: “The tablet and other units are made in a low-slung service, daubed in military-style paint, near, a factory that develops J-17 Thunder fighter aircraft with Chinese help.

Pac develops the PacPad with a company named “Innavtek” in a collaboration that also develops high-tech parts for the warplanes.”

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  • shahid

    whats the price of this PAC?