Pak Interior Minister threatens to block Google and YouTube

GooglePopular online search engine Google and web sites like YouTube could be banned in Pakistan if they didn’t assist with law enforcement investigating crimes and incidents of terrorism, Interior Minister Abdul Rehman Malik has informed. He was speaking with press people after participating a high-level conference during his visit at FIA Head office.

Earlier, two list, Immigration Watch List and ECL were up-graded by the Ministry of Interior to bar the those going overseas or keep them under observation whom the govt or courts had ordered not to leave the state or wanted by the authorities agencies on various charges.The Interior Minister told that the administrations of Online major search engines like Google or YouTube weren’t extending their assistance with FIA to nab the persons associated with online offense and Interpol support was being sought in this regard.

Interior Minister explained that a case would be filed against the Google administrator if it didn’t support FIA in future and threatened that Google could be blocked in Pakistan for non-cooperation.

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