Nintendo Wii U likely to release late 2012

If you’re awaiting getting your hands on the Nintendo Wii U the coming year, the news is that it seems to still be on track for a 2012 launch, but if you were wanting to receive it in the earlier part of the yr then you’ll be in for a frustration. It seems like the Nintendo Wii U is ready for a launch only in late 2012.

This was “ verified ” by Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata during an investor talk. As per Iwata, the completed version of Nintendo’s latest console would only be prepared and be up for show during E3 2012, and since it’s unusual that Nintendo real ships their items during E3 itself, we’re most likely looking at a launch somewhere towards the end of the season, which is just in occasion for the vacation period.

The motive that Nintendo is taking their period with the Wii U is as a result of the “bitter lesson” that they learnt with the Nintendo 3DS, which saw quite bad product sales until they reduced its cost significantly. They thought that the 3DS’ bad application lineup caused it to give a under stellar performance, which is why they’re ensuring that designers have more period to develop games and polish them for the Wii U.

While we’re certain that this later-than-expected release will dissatisfy several fans, it’s fine to hear that Nintendo will be ensuring they come up with a more polished item this time round.

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