Nintendo 3DS Attack By Black Screen of the Loss

3DS-black-screen-of-deathDisplay screens of dying have always been provide on Ms systems for a long time, but after blue display screen of dying on Windows and reddish ring of the loss for the Xbox360, the first time, we have spotted screen of decline on a Nintendo system.

Nintendo 3DS is a 1st Nintendo’s system to belong to the infamous black screen of demise, and based upon 3DS clients, it seems like this display screen presents if you add your game in “suspend mode”. Just after adding games in such a style, 3DS locks and failures while telling you that an error has arisen knowing that you are suggested to show on the 3DS again.

Video games that are suffering this display screen of demise now are Super Monkey Ball, Street Fighter IV 3D, Pilot wings, Ghost Recon, Lego Star Wars 3 and lots of Mii programs.  While we have not seen the official option yet, many folks are canceling that arrangement their Micro SD cards to FAT32 olves the condition.

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