Next iPhone to Get 64GB of Storage Option?

Do you consider that 32GB value of space on your iPhone isn’t enough? Well 9to5 Mac’s Mr. X is to be thought, it seems like the next-generation iPhone could come with an extra size of 64GB.

Now there have been old rumors in the past that indicated that maybe Apple was developing a budget phone, probably to be identified as the iPhone 4S, which would be a renew of the present iPhone 4 but would function 8GB value of space instead of the lowest 16GB.

As per 9to5 Mac’s sources, Apple has been described that they’ve been checking out prototype models sporting 64GB value of space. Thinking about how much the 32GB models prices, we’d hate to consider how much the 64GB model would price, and if that price tag would put off potential purchasers.

However, yet again like we’ve pointed out in the past, with Apple’s iPhone function to be organised on the 4th of October, which is in only 4 days, all we can do now is be very calm and simply wait. Any person here ready to drop the money for a 64GB apple iphone?

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