New iPad Cover Keeps Tablet Fingerprint and Germ Free

No one wants body fluids, or finger prints, on their shiny new iPad screen and due to a new cover made particularly for nursing staff and doctors in the healthcare industry, you no more have to stress about this issue. The AirStrap Med cover was made by healthcare works for medical staff and is ideal for anybody who wants their iPad to be germ and finger print free.

The iPad cover is to be unveiled this month from Griffin with a sale price of $89.99 and comes in the form of a polycarbonate and silicone shape of 2 parts. The cover saves the multi-touch display with a screen protector cover which is resistant against scratches and finger prints. It also works even when the user is using latex gloves or nitrile gloves, not that this feature would come in useful outside of the health-related profession.

The back comes with a clip to hold the stylus and there’s a hand and shoulder strap included in the package for one handed use. The straps along with the clips are really simple to detach and attach. So if you have a phobia against bacteria or you just want to keep finger prints and body fluids off your iPad when others use it, you may desire to check out the AirStrap Med cover.

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