New Apple iPhone will use 4.6-inch display

As per a South Korean source, the latest iPhone from Apple will come with a sharper and bigger 4.6? Retina Display, where it is set to hit the markets sometime in the 2nd quarter of this yr.

It would be appealing to see whether the latest iPhone will simply be recognized as that, as Apple rebooted the iPad naming conference, simply naming it the “new iPad”. It looks that Apple is ready to launch a 4.6? Retina Display for their forthcoming iPhone successor – as per the Maeil Business Newspaper.

Apple’s main display providers, LG Display and Samsung Electronics Co., have naturally stayed mum on the circumstance when called for their remarks. I suppose Samsung would find themselves in a difficult situation, having relied on 4.6? OLED display for their main Galaxy S2 smart phone.

It’d surely be something to view as to whether the new iPhone will be able to break fresh sales records when it debuts.

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