N64oid runs Nintendo 64 games on Android


In cases where you love to play classic Nintendo 64 video games, you’ll become thrilled to know that you could play these games with your Android smart phone because of the completely new application named N64oid.
Android operating system prospects who are Nintendo 64 lovers get any factor in order to delight because the N64 emulator N64oid is currently out there in Android Market. Yongzh designs N64oid, an identified programmer regarding emulators many different video games consoles. As for N64oid, it performs terrific and if you would like to have fun with Nintendo oldies, you simply need to buy N64oid from Android Market place and have a number of Nintendo 64 ROM’s. We just want to point out that N64oid application is actually authorized, however downloading of ROM’s is not, so hold this in your mind very well.

N64oid is suggested for more recent cell phones, and if you have Droid, New Samsung Galaxy S, Google Nexus, HTC Desire HD, and the like, N64oid will fulfill anyone effectively cheaper than U.S 6 dollars.


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