McAfee warn Viruses to target Apple Mac

Apple Mac members could be saying goodbye to the hacker and virus-free days of the Naughties and hello to Apple-targeted malware in 2011, according to research released today by McAfee.

The 2011 Threat Predictions report alerts that the Mac OS platform is at higher threat of Apple botnets and Trojans due to a lack of member understanding of security for latest devices such as the iPad and iPhone, thus causing increased threats of identity exposure.

“Historically, the Mac OS platform has remained fairly unaffected by harmful attackers, but McAfee Labs alerts that Mac-targeted malware will continue to raise in sophistication in 2011,” alerts the report.

Apple enthusiast, Ian Warren, told that he would look to see if there have been related stories released in prior years by McAfee and other security specialists because it is in their business’ interest to alert users of alleged increasing risks to any operating system.

McAfee also issued alerts in relation to mobile devices, social media and connected TVs.

“New Internet TV platforms were some of the very highly-anticipated devices in 2010.  Due to the growing popularity among customers and “rush to market” thinking by developers, McAfee Labs expects an growing number of suspect and harmful applications for the most largely deployed media platforms, such as Google TV,” said the report.

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