MacBook Air Rival VAIO Hybrid Laptop By Sony

sony-vaioxThe Mac laptop Air is confirmed to be a greatly successful ultra portable lappie a result of the smooth shape and a good life of the battery. The latest Sony VAIO Laptop is regarded as to get the greatest competition to Mac laptop. They’ve got extensive been viewed as a different greatly assist excited pretty designs. Now Sony announce to launch its latest Mac laptop rival, referred to as Hybrid PC.

The latest Sony VAIO Hybrid Laptop is usually a fast ultra light system using a Core i7 processor chip, also having an SSD on mother board, HDMI 1.4 interaction; WiFi as well as weight may be lower than 2.5 pounds. They appear in a dock, when a person dock this, the Hybrid Laptop will transforms as a completely full desktop substitute featuring Radeon HD 6700M graphics processor chip, a Blu ray burner, Ethernet and VGA cable connections, and then a specific connector in which together USB with AC power.

The life of its battery is approximately 8 to 16.5 hrs, that’s more then awesome if correct. No additional information specific from the Japanese Laptop or computer maker still. So keep tuned in for further update versions for this great notebook cum PC.

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