LG has sold over 10 million LTE smartphones worldwide

LG’s most recent sales announcement may still seem fairly insignificant in the overall standings, but that is not to say this is a success that should be sneered at.

Announced today, LG has now sold Ten million 4G LTE smartphones globally. There is a solid opportunity that the majority of those sales was made in its native South Korea, but Ten million is Ten million, wherever they are sold.

Consider too the worldwide mess that is LTE, and the fact that away from USA and places such as Korea, it still starts out in many areas. Europe is still getting to grips with LTE, the united kingdom has barely started for example, and making a device LTE compatible in numerous markets is still more of a frustration than it should be in a perfect world.

LG is dedicated to the 4G LTE device market, and with the launch of the F-Series at Mobile World Congress, hopes to bring cost-effective LTE products to the market.

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