Leaked iPhone 6 Picture Hints at new Camera Lens System

A picture from Australia’s Sonny Dickson who has a rather decent history for leaked pictures of forthcoming iDevices. This time around, he’s posted a couple of fresh pictures that he’s certain are for real. The pictures show a unique ring around the camera lens. What is that for? It’s very feasible it belongs to an Apple invention that covered earlier this year.

Camera Lens
In the past, Apple has had different product prototypes in the wild that never materialized. One good sample would be the iPad with a landscape port. Obviously they ditched the idea – for at least the time being. So while the Sonny Dickson’s picture may in fact be that of a model, considering the numerous dings that see in the picture, it doesn’t mean that it will go beyond the  prototype stage.

Remember that Apple does in fact have an alternative camera lens system design on tap that utilizes magnets. That could very well be viewed as a more “designer friendly” strategy for providing a zoom lens feature to the iPhone 6 considering that it is to have a metal back panel. It would be a simple on, easy off solution that’s more “Apple like.’

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