Kingston Micro SD Cards Now Available in 16GB

16GB MicroSDKingston is actually a top rated company in smaller storage devices using SD cards, Micro SD memory cards and USB flash drives. The regular Micro SD memory cards that are usually 4GB by Kingston are 4MB/s transfer data yet they are usually increasing the bar. Kingston has lunched a 16GB micro SD memory card that can move files at 10MB/s.

The latest data transfer speeds should really guide those working with Micro SD memory cards of their mobile phones and their digital cameras. The modern data transfer rates will allow you to move music download and also other data files that you choose to save on your Android OS and Blackberries more quickly. The Micro SD memory cards are accessible end of the March, a further improve will certainly be a 32GB Micro SD memory cards but the truth is have to possible until early on 2011.

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