Kenwood DNX-9980-HD GPS Navigation System

Kenwood DNX-998--HDThe completely new Kenwood DNX-9980-HD dashboard Global positioning system (GPS) navigation system is now accessible in North America. The DNX-9980-HD has an enhanced Digital Aria 3-D computer animated graphic user interface (GUI) along with choose able cases as well as movable drag & drop symbols for entire personalization. A high resolution WVGA 6.95 inches touch screen display along with Powerful Illumination Control offers the ideal showing up DVD video, iPod video & USB video.

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Price for Kenwood DNX-9980-HD

Price for Kenwood DNX-9980-HD is approx. 2000 dollars; the Kenwood DNX9980HD also includes Navteq Live Traffic with totally free voice identification & hands free functioning.

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