Judge turns down Apple’s request to block Samsung’s U.S. phone sales

A federal judge in California said Apple failed to show that it would suffer irreparable harm if Samsung is allowed to sell mobile phones in the U.S. that were discovered to infringe on its patents. A federal judge on Wednesday turned down Apple’s request to block Samsung from selling smartphones in the U.S. that infringe on its patents.

Judge turns down Apple's request to block Samsung's U.S. phone sales


Apple had filed the request in the wake of a federal jury’s verdict in May that Samsung had violated 3 of Apple’s patents. The jury discovered that several Samsung smartphones infringed on functions of Apple’s iPhone, such as the slide-to-unlock feature. The verdict earlier this year was basically a mixed bag for Apple, though, because the jury given Apple just $120 million of the $2.2 billion the company wanted.

On the other hand, Apple was also forced to pay Samsung $158,000 after the jury said it had breached one of the South Korean smartphone company’s patents. Apple was looking for a permanent injunction on the sale of 9 older Samsung smartphone versions, such as the Galaxy S3, which were identified to infringe on Apple patents used in iPhone versions.

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