iZen Bamboo iPad keyboard is eco-friendly

There’re plenty of external key-boards for the iPad, but if you’re in the market for something especially attention grabbing, well you’ll have to look no further than this Kickstarter project named the iZen Bamboo Keyboard.

Basically it seems like a normal Apple Bluetooth keyboard, but the key focus here we guess would be the reality that it’s made of 92 Per cent bamboo and is reportedly completely recyclable. The iZen Bamboo Keyboard will pair with your iPad through Bluetooth connection, sports a regular lithium-ion battery that charges through a USB 2.0 30-pin dock connector, much like the cable used to charge iOS tools.

If all that sounds fine, and if the key-board looks excellent to you, it should be noted that this Kickstarter venture is still looking for financing and is about 50 % through its goal of $18,000. Serious contributors can head on to its Kickstarter page for more details or to pledge a contribution to make the iZen Bamboo Key-board a reality.

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