iPhone users less loyal than before?

It’s reported just recently that the iPhone 5 managed to turn the tables fairly on Android with its super hot sales numbers, but here we’re with an observation from Strategy Analytics, who report that loyalty to the fruity brand has suffered a decline in America, and a far more remarkable plunge has happened across the pond.

In fact, in the latest Wireless Device Lab Report from the metrics company, it revealed that 88% of U.S. iPhone users intend to buy their next phone from Apple – representing a 5% decline from last year’s answer. As for our buddies living in Europe, only 75% of present  iPhone users report that they’ll remain loyal to the end, marking a 13% decline from 88% loyalty in Europe a year ago.

Statistics published today from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech revealed that Android continued to make share of the market increases across Europe in the 3 months of sales that ended Sept 30. In that region, Google’s mobile OS rose to a 67% share, compared with 51 % for the same stretch in 2011, while iOS edged down a little bit to 16.5 %.

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