iPhone software security flaws disclosed

Apple is dealing with its major security shock in years after faults in its iPhone software risked disclosing its users’ calls. Researchers at FireEye, a cyber-security company, on Monday released a “proof of concept” security app that would allow an attacker to catch every tap on the iPhone’s screen or buttons.


This came after Apple silently launched a software update on Friday that set a serious weak point in its iOS software’s encryption technology, which had existed for more than a year. The uncommon weaknesses ruin to damage Apple’s popularity for delivering more safe technology than its opponents, a key feature for its products.

“Potential attackers can use such information to reconstruct every character the victim inputs,” possibly stealing security passwords or credit card information as they’re entered, FireEye stated of its evidence of concept app. This kind of security faults is particularly harmful because weaknesses have not usually been found on the iPhone.

Earlier security faults were generally found to have been launched by third-party software. Experts say they were stunned by Apple’s tacit admission that it made such a simple problem in its application coding.

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