iPhone owners rely on Wi-Fi more than Android owners

A study revealed on Monday identified that iPhone owners in the United states and the United kingdom are much more likely to use Wi-Fi for their data requirements than Android owners who operate greatly on wireless networks.

As per a research firm, 71 % of iPhone owners in the U.S. leverage both cellular and Wi-Fi networks compared to 32 % of Android owners. The numbers are skewed much more toward Wi-Fi in the U.K. where the share of iOS and Android owners using both forms of links comes in at 87 % and 57 %, respectively.

Giving several justification as to why the data varies between the 2 countries, research firm’s President mentioned that, “in the U.K., the scarcity of limitless data plans and higher incidence of smart phone pre-paid contracts with a pay-as-you-go data model likely contributes to data offloading among owners wanting to economize their cellular usage.”

He goes on to claim that the issue of high-speed 4G networks like those in the U.S. might be pushing U.K. owners to move to Wi-Fi connections. Matta notes, however, that U.S. owners may see a move toward Wi-Fi as so-called “unlimited” programs fall to the wayside. AT&T currently declared that it would be throttling the speed of grandfathered-in “unlimited data” programs when a person crosses a 3GB threshold.

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