iPhone Light predicted to outsell iPhone 5S

iPhone Light is expected to outsell the high-end leading iPhone 5S when they release. As per a research note from UBS analyst Steve Milunovich, iPhone Light will be very successful from the off, bettering the iPhone 5S. Because of slowing development in the high-end smartphone field, numerous industry viewers recommend the iPhone Light not just be a raging success but is a need for the industry.

buget iphone

Milunovich says that the budget iPhone, which he calls the iPhone M, will sell 92 million models after the 2014 financial year. This means 53 % of Apple’s total iPhone sales for the year, totally outranking the iPhone 5S. The affordable iPhone 5C is predicted to release on Sept . 18 along with the iPhone 5S, with both models running iOS 7.

Tipped to release in 6 to 8 shades, the budget iPhone will be made from polycarbonate plastic and have similar specifications to the present iPhone 5 if most recent speculation are true.


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