iPhone App Downloads Per Day Reach 5.65 Million

The Apple iPhone 4S has made a tremendous impact on total iPhone application downloads, marketing tech company Fiksu reports.

The analyst company’s Application Store Competitive Index evaluates everyday bulk downloads for the top rated 200 free applications in the App Store within the America.Recently, this number reached a record breaking 5.65 million downloads each day, which overcome October’s previous all-time record of 4.91 million every day downloads.

The range of application downloads for November also is a landmark for surpassing the 5 million mark, a first in the index’s record. With the huge popularity of Apple items, the launch of iPhone 4S presently rides the wave set by its predecessors, as more activations of apple iphones and cell phones from opponent firms continue, giving cost-free applications a significant success in the cellular market.

The importance of the feat is popular for the amount of cellular apps down loaded in a short time.

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