iPhone and iPad hand made by $1.78 an hour employees

iPhoneUS-based Tv program Nightline got exclusive access inside one of Foxconn’s factory in China to find out how Apple’s iPhone and iPad units are made.

Nightline’s Bill Weir was given approval by Foxconn to go inside its factories and find out how the Chinese developing behemoth puts its employees to use making Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices.

Foxconn and Apple have been in the news quite some delayed, right after claims of awful working conditions, members of workers committing suicide in the factory and a several of explosions that resulted in some deaths.


During the program Weir also talked with Fair Labor Association president Auret van Heerden, right after his inspection of the factory. Heerden revealed that Foxconn’s services are ‘first class’ and ‘way above the norm’.

Apple is the initial tech company to join the FLA. The iPhone-maker paid $250,000 to join, as per Nightline’s report.

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