iPhone and BlackBerry sales blocked in Argentina

iPhone and BlackBerry lovers might be weeping over Argentina tonight as the country has implemented a ban on the sale of foreign-made smart phones. Including the Apple iPhone and all BlackBerry models. The pair make up 60 percent of the smart phone market in the country.

Argentina claims it is taking the steps to support what has been a bad financial state. Another mobile producers like Samsung, Nokia, Motorola and LG are still in a position to sell their goods in Argentina since they all have opened plants in Argentina. Apple and RIM can avoid the restrict by building a factory in Argentina or by finding a partner that is free to sell its items in Argentina. Word is that RIM wants a partner while Apple seems to be sitting the ban out alone. A few months ago, the country added a 20.48 percent duty on imported electronic products, along with the regular 21 percent duty that is charged. Argentina has been twisting the screws on both firms since early this coming year.

In March, Argentina suspended the “automatic” import permit of a few smart phones, which forced Apple and RIM to wait as long as three months for Customs Authority authorization for any new products. Once the financial system boosts and becomes secure, Argentina says it will remove the ban although a few of the steps taken by the country to boost the financial state have been in place since 2009.

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