iPhone 6 with sapphire display might not come this year: Analyst

Ever since it became very clear that Apple was concentrating on sapphire display technologies, there has been discussion as to when see iOS devices hit shelves with the scratch-resistant displays in place. Now, one analyst, such as JP Morgan analyst Rod Hall has consulted his crystal ball in order to estimate that 2014’s iPhone 6 will not include a sapphire crystal screen.

Alleged iPhone 6

Replying to posts on the Wall Street Journal and TechCrunch, Hall indicated in an investors note that sapphire screens might not be a feature of the forthcoming iPhone(s). The WSJ post previously mentioned clearly that a sapphire-clad iPhone would release this fall, but would bring with it a high price tag, with the caveat being Apple requirements to be able of making enough of the material.

TechCrunch seconded a sapphire-covered iPhone 6 launching this year and argued a case for the material costing less that earlier thought.

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