iPhone 6 Will Have Much faster Wifi Than Any Other iOS Device Ever

The iPhone 6 is starting to seem like a quite big leap forward. Earlier this week, noted that it appears like Apple will use a technology known as quantum dots to improve the next-generation Retina display. So along with having a bigger display, it will have better color reproduction, too – pictures and video will seem much better than ever.


Now, it seems like Apple’s future phone will have Wi-Fi that’s much faster than on any earlier iOS device– including the majorly revamped iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina launched last fall. While much better life of the battery is always welcome, Wi-Fi efficiency is going to be an increasingly essential aspect to consider moving forward.

Reported a couple of weeks ago, Cisco’s most recent study on mobile data trends predicts that by 2018, be accessed more data on our cellular devices via Wi-Fi than actual mobile phone carriers.

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