iPhone 6 Could Have Swappable Lenses and Photorealistic Graphics

Apple iPhone 6, which apparently will be released in late September, has a lot of speculation surrounding it. Most recently, the camera and graphics processing unit (GPU) have been mentioned. Imagination Technologies reported Wednesday a new graphics architecture with ray-tracing features.

iphone 6 concept

Apple uses Imagination’s PowerVR G6430 graphics package in the iPad Air, iPad Mini Retina and iPhone 5s, so it’s easy to speculate that the A8 processor, presently being made by Samsung and TSMC, will include the next edition of Imagination’s application. The photos unveiled with the announcement show a top level of detail from the mobile GPU. Last week, a report said iPhone 6 will be 7mm thick and possess a protruding camera. But that seems far off based on the models and size of earlier designs.

Apple has made each model’s camera flush with the back of the cell phone. However, Apple just recently registered a patent application for a bayonet lens attachment, maybe verifying the earlier rumor. If Apple is examining and possibly making a lens attachment system, it stands to reason that the iPhone would’ve a protruding camera module.

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