iPhone 6 release date postponed by panel production issue

iPhone 6 launch date may be a little bit delayed as the company was reportedly dealing with a few problems in production the panels of the smartphones. Reports said that Apple is having a difficult time in producing the screen and there is a need to upgrade a key element in the panel to resume smooth manufacturing. Moreover, the problem could delay the release of the smartphone or decrease the number of devices produced each day.

iPhone 6 release date postponed by panel production issue


Reuters cited sources from the supply chain indicating that the backlight that illuminates the screen needed to be swapped out. Thus, Apple held off the manufacturing for most part of June and July. The sources also added that the dealer was attempting to make up for the lost time by fitting another layer of backlight film.

This isn’t the first occasion that problems were reported to have surfaced in the manufacturing line of iPhone 6. Earlier, reports said that the firm was having problems in making the battery of the phone. This is mostly because the firm was looking for a battery that could fit into the ultra-thin body.

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