iPhone 6 Release Confirmed along with 4.5-Inch Sapphire Screen

CEO of Ubuntu developer Canonical indicates that Apple has “reserved” a massive supply of sapphire displays. As per recent reports, Apple has been focusing on getting 3 years’ worth of supply display for production of its forthcoming devices. There are no clear press releases yet from Apple on what other products it might offer with the technology, but it sure gives a great insight on what the firm has been up to.


GigaOm described that Canonical chief Mark Shuttleworth suggested about the buying habits of Apple. The CEO shed light on the upcoming Ubuntu smartphone plans like Apple’s purchase of sapphire materials during the media tele-conference. “Apple just snapped up the entire 3-year supply of the same sapphire display we wanted for the Edge,” Mr Shuttleworth stated. The CEO was pertaining to the Ubuntu Edge. This was an Indiegogo venture that went out to get funding for the progress of the very first Smartphone in the world with the Ubuntu operating system.

The venture raised approximately $12.8 million. However, the Edge didn’t materialize. It was short of Canonical’s goal at $32 million. The Ubuntu Edge will allegedly include a 4.5-inch screen. While it may be along the lines of Apple’s display size for the upcoming iPhone 6, there is still an issue with the 16:9 aspect ratio models. The CEO didn’t provide more details about the exact count of the sapphire displays Apple bought. Experts think that Apple’s present purchase will still not be enough for the needed units of the iPhone 6.

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