iPhone 6 Production Hit With Display Problems: Report

Apple’s iPhone 6 is just days from release, but it has reportedly run into major production problems. While several reports have suggested that Apple has struggled to produce enough sapphire displays to cover all the iPhone 6 models it hopes to sell at release, a new report from Reuters shows that Apple faces another huge problem in its display manufacturing lines.


Citing supply chain sources, Reuters reports that the backlight panel for the display of the fresh device has had to be modified. As such, manufacturing has been seriously postponed, with production line for parts totally shut down for components of June and July. One production line source told the publication that at first, Apple scheduled to include just one thin layer of backlight film instead of the standard 2 that are generally used on the 4.7-inch iPhone 6, in expectations of making the device even slimmer.

However, it was soon found that one layer didn’t produce enough brightness, so another layer was placed in the last minute. While a few of the lost time has now been made up, the sources said, factory staff are said to be scrambling to get back on track with manufacturing targets. The sources also said that Japan Display, Sharp, and LG Display are hard at work producing as several iPhone 6 displays as possible.

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