iPhone 6 Price Increases Due To Sapphire Glass Screen Cost

The iPhone 6 price is reported to massively increase as the sapphire glass screen will be included in the next-generation iPhone. Despite Apple being mum about its upcoming leading smartphone, speculation about iPhone 6 price and release date have flooded the Internet for a few times.


Recently, new reports recommended the use of sapphire glass display in iPhone 6 will massively increase the production price. The sapphire glass manufacturer receives a big share in the price boost. As per reports, iPhone 6 will have a display made from the scratch-resistant sapphire glass. The material, which is 2nd to diamond in hardness, is nearly unbreakable.

“The arrival of sapphire means a dramatic increase in the cost of making an iPhone, as sapphire is far more expensive than the present Gorilla Glass, but it remains unknown whether the price of a single iPhone will go up,” South China Morning Post reported.

iPhone 5s, the predecessor of iPhone 6, also offered sapphire crystal with its iSight camera and in the Home button. In contrast, the iPhone 6 will have its complete front display made by sapphire glass.

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