iPhone 6 might include a barometer: Report

Apple may find a way to feature yet another sensor in the forthcoming iPhone 6. As per 9to5Mac, references in iOS 8 and XCode 6 point to hardware with an integrated barometer. The CoreMotion APIs in the beta software offer a look into a new framework that requires next-generation gadgets.

alleged iphone 6

A built-in barometer could open up a number of options. Probably the 2 main feature altitude tracking and weather forecasting. With a barometer, apps could help people figure out their present altitude or change in altitude, like when on a run. A barometer is also used to help forecast upcoming climate changes due to changes in air pressure. Along with the iPhone 6, Apple could also include a barometer in the next generation of iPads and the long-rumored iWatch.

The latest speculations point out Apple could introduce an iPhone with both a 4.7-and 5.5-inch display. It is expected to be formally launched in September right along with iOS 8 itself.

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