iPhone 6 may include model along with 128GB memory

A larger screen has not been the only important feature on the forthcoming iPhone 6 by Apple, the smartphone may also feature a vital memory upgrade. The Chinese Apple repair company GeekBar shared papers on Thursday it says includes hardware schematics for the iPhone 6. The iPhone 6 may be available in a 128GB memory option, as per firm, with Apple also provides the iPhone 6 in 16GB, 64GB memory options.

alleged iphone 6

Notably, the documents do not show a 32GB storage space option for the iPhone 6; 32GB internal memory is normally 1 of 3 storage options provided on iPhone models. Prior speculations indicate that Apple may launch a super exclusive and pricey model of the iPhone 6, which may feature 128GB of memory. The iPhone 6 is likely to include a 4.7-inch screen, but it is thought Apple may also launch an iPhone model with a 5.5-inch screen.

Speculations indicate this model. This model may be known as the iPhone 6L and may feature the 128GB memory option. MacRumors says that the first Apple device to include 128GB of memory was the fourth-generation iPad, which launched in early 2013. Thus far no iPhones have included more than 64GB of internal memory. Apple using more memory into a new iPhone version could show the Cupertino, California-based firm prefers to set up new, high price points for the iPhone.

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