iPhone 6 Launch Date in Late Summer with High Price?

iPhone 6 launch date is anticipated to happen in the late summer, the earliest , as per a report from Highlight Press.Initial reports claimed that 2 iPhones will likely hit the market this season. An iPhone phablet which will start a new iPhone line is likely to come in May. As per reports, the phablet will feature a 5.7 inch or larger display screen and will retain iPhone 5S’s 64-bit A7 processor.


Yahoo! Japan 1st stated that the successor of the iPhone 5S, which is likely to be the iPhone 6, will arrive in Sept. It’s anticipated that the smartphone will sport a bit more strong A8 processor and a screen panel of 4.7 inches in size. Apple may begin to drop clues and hints in late August and an official statement from the technology giant is expected a week before release, as per industry watchers.

The discounts on iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C are seen by some to be an evidence that the new iPhone may be coming soon. During the recent holidays, iPhone rates decreased. Although it is not uncommon for prices to go down during the gift-giving season, reports noted, it’s initially that iPhone discounts were offered so early as the Smartphones were released in September 2013.

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