iPhone 6 to have large screen and slim bezel

The Apple iPhone 6 will be supersized if the most up-to-date leaked photos are to be believed. The iPhone 5s is looking significantly tiny compared to big phones from the likes of Samsung, HTC, Sony and Nokia and now Apple look to be following suit.


Fresh pictures apparently show a mould that Apple has sent to iPhone 6 case manufacturers ahead of the iPhone 6 release later this year. The mould discloses a bigger iPhone 6 with a slimmer bezel but the same basic layout. A few reports have mentioned the iPhone 6 will have a flexible display, while it has also been stated that Apple will ditch the home button. If true, the mould photos debunk these 2 pretty unusual iPhone 6 speculation.

Speculation has been circulating that Apple will launch 2 models of the iPhone 6 – a 4.7in model and a 5.6in phablet edition. The new designs will include sapphire glass displays, making them extremely difficult and less prone to breaking.

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