iPhone 6 to include solar-charging with sapphire glass screen: Report

Apple after presenting a fingerprint sensor in its iPhone 5s, is stated to be included solar panels into the sapphire glass screen on its upcoming iPhone.


Matt Margolis, an analyst writing for Seeking Alpha, expects the solar-charging sapphire glass screen to be included in iPhone 6, aimed at improving the battery life of the smartphone, the issue that is plaguing all mobile phones. Margolis concludes that the Sapphire Glass screen will be embedded with solar cells in the Apple’s new plant placed in Arizona. To support this news, Margolis gives an account of various events and patents over the past year.

It’s been pointed out that Apple submitted a patent back in February 2013 which included the use of touch sensors and solar panel. The patent, however, didn’t point out how the technology works in detail. A follow-up patent made it clearer, discussing that the touch screen panel included a power management system that takes power from solar power panels.

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