iPhone 6 Display May Not Be 100 % Sapphire

Apple is estimating to use a harder sapphire glass for its display for the iPhone 6 displays; however, the display may not be 100 % sapphire. YouTube content creator Marques Brownlee in early July shared information about the iPhone 6 sapphire glass display, having allegedly received a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 screen panel.

Alleged iPhone 6

Brownlee, 20, reportedly did a series of durability tests on the panel, showing how the glass could be bent, scratched, scraped and stabbed with a knife or keys without being damaged. London Imperial engineering professor Neal Alford then told Britain’s Guardian he thinks the panel is made out of sapphire. Brownlee’s demonstration, however, may have been flawed.

In a fresh video, he described that the knife and keys used to scratch the display panel were too soft to cause any effect. He referred to the Mohs scale, which steps the hardness and scratch resistance of different minerals, from 1 as the softest mineral, to 10 as the hardest. As per scale, a mineral can be used to scratch any mineral with a lesser rating, while that mineral can be scratched by any mineral with a greater rating.

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