Could the iPhone 6 have a display made of SAPPHIRE?

Speculation is are already suggesting at the fact Apple’s next smartphone, called iPhone 6, will have a full HD Retina Display and now new reports recommend this screen could be made of sapphire glass.


These claims have been made because Apple recently announced intends to open a mineral plant in Arizona with sapphire glass experts GT Advanced Technologies. The facility is anticipated to hire around 700 people to make sapphire crystal and sapphire glass, and this technology could make its way onto the displays of the next iPhone.

Apple already utilizes sapphire crystal in the Touch ID fingerprint scanner of its most recent iPhone 5S. Apple also protects the camera on the iPhone with a small piece of this super-strong material. The technology is typically used in watch screens because it is thin, hard-wearing and scratch proof.

As a result, sapphire glass could potentially replace Gorilla Glass presently used in most high-end smartphones.

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