iPhone 6 to boast a hard display made out of Sapphire

Speculation claim that Apple may launch Sapphire glass in its forthcoming iPhone and iPad units. This glass is presently used in the iPhone 5s touch ID scanner. The sapphire glass would be used on Apple’s iPhone 6 the very first time. These speculations surfaced when Apple announced that it has intended to open mineral plant in Arizona with sapphire glass expert GT Advanced technology.


In this facility it is said that Apple will be making sapphire crystals and sapphire glass and will use them in the next generation iPhone. Synthetic sapphire is tough and has the tendency to replace the present Gorilla Glass technology. This is solid, clear and scratch resistant made by heating crystallizing aluminum oxide at high temperatures.

Presently this material is used in iPhone 5s touch ID scanner and on the camera to shield the lens.

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