iPhone 6 and next-generation iPad to feature Intel Processors

iPhone 6Apple is stated to be utilizing Intel processors in the iPhone 6 and next iPad. They’re keen to get rid of their dependence on Samsung who presently provide Apple with its processors.

Apple presently uses Samsung processors in their iPhone and iPad gadgets. New speculation leaked online claim that will change when Apple release the iPhone 6 and next-Gen iPad. The present agreement between Apple and Samsung ends next year and the San Fransisco based company are thought to be keen to take off their dependence on the Korean company. That makes sense because they’re bitter opponents and the 2 main forces in the mobile world.

Reportedly, Apple is thinking about using Intel processors in the iPhone 6 and the next-generation iPad. Intel has been a major force in the PC industry for years, but recently they have been wanting to break into the mobile industry. A collaboration between the 2 makes sense because Intel has the making ability to cope with Apple’s big demand.

While, teaming up with Apple would immediately make Intel one of the leading players in the mobile industry.

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