iPhone 6 and iPhone 5C chip fab nearly complete: Asian vendor

Apple is making the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5C for concurrent launch this fall, as per a supplier in Taiwan presently working on the IC audio chips for both. “They’ve already finished with the iPhone 5C IC chip,” a source tells Stabley Times, “and now the firm is on the middle of making on iPhone 6 IC Chip.”

iphone 6 concept

These details falls in line with reports this week that the next iPhone release will be a little bit postponed while Apple awaits the conclusion of a bigger form factor model, and paints the fall 2013 Apple lineup as including an iPhone 5C which is similar in look and feel to the current iPhone along with a recently redesigned iPhone 6 with a clearly different look and a 4.3 inch screen.

While a number of leaks have come out of Asia in the past month regarding when the new iPhone will go into manufacturing and which parts it will use, little up to this point has pointed out whether the latest iPhone will be an iPhone 5S sequel or an iPhone 6 reboot. Apple has laid precedent for moving in either direction with its past steps.

While the iPhone 3G and iPhone 4 were each followed by the same looking model, the latter was a fallback when parts for the iPhone 5 didn’t materialize in time and Apple had to purchase itself another year. That lays the groundwork for Apple jumping straight to the iPhone 6 this year, but the Taiwanese supplier says Apple will also offer a cheap iPhone 5C.

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