iPhone 6 brings 4 extra features to add in upcomming smartphone

Although Apple hasn’t disclosed the official specifications and features of its next top smartphone, speculations said that the iPhone 6 will come with remarkable features like larger and better display screen, more efficient 64-bit A8 processor, Adreno 330 GPU, iOS 8 and fingerprint sensor.


Apart from the estimated features, iPhone 6 is also rumored to pack other helpful features such as heart monitor, barometer and air pressure sensors. Below are the major 4 extra features that could be added in the forthcoming iPhone 6.

1. Barometer

Another feature of the iPhone 6 is a barometer. Other devices already packed this kind of feature, which is useful to hikers and mountain climbers to measure altitude or even show heat and other weather features through air pressure data. Although there are apps that measure the altitude, these are less correct as it uses GPS and motion tracking data.

2. Air Pressure Sensors

Aside from a barometer, iPhone 6 will also pack air pressure sensors to examine the future weather. The sensor will be helpful to pilots and bikers. This particular feature can be added in the new iOS 8 and can be installed in the iPhone, iPad, and iWatch.

3. Smart Notifications and Alarms

Apple submitted new patents that allow iPhones to get information from sensors in wristbands and other types of accessories in order to monitor the owner’s activity level and set alarms, updates, and other device settings based on what it senses about a device user’s present behavior.

4. Heart Rate Monitor

Since Samsung packed S Health, Apple is keen to pack health apps and features in its smartphone. The firm submitted a patent for heart sensors to monitor the owner’s heart and record such data for future id purposes when making banking deals or securing very private documents or information.

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