iPhone 5c Production Drops as iPhone 5s Soars: Report

A Chinese media source claims that, in October, Apple supply partner Pegatron was manufacturing 320,000 iPhone 5c models daily. That output has now been cut to only 80,000 models a day.

iPhone 5C

Producing of the iPhone 5c at alternate producer Foxconn – which is focusing on the iPhone 5s – has dropped to between only 8,000 and 9,000 models per day. While manufacturing of the iPhone 5c constantly drops, customer desire for the more costly iPhone 5s appears to be growing. The iPhone 5s are now outselling the iPhone 5c by a 3-to-1 difference, as per industry research company Fiksu.

The iPhone 5s was seen outpacing the iPhone 5c by only a 2-to-1 difference right after both iPhones released in October. Supplies of the iPhone 5s remain tight, while the iPhone 5c has been not too difficult to find since its debut.


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