iPhone 5 shortage due to Apple’s choice of material?

Have not gotten your hands on the Apple iPhone 5 because it is out of stock? Fault it on the anodized aluminum material that Apple’s most recent phone is made of. Bloomberg reports that a tightening of quality-control processes at Foxconn is exacerbating the supply shortfall. Quoting an unknown source, the news website adds that the stricter requirements were demanded by senior Apple execs and are “designed to cut numerous mobiles shipped with nicks and scratches”.

Very early adopters have been complaining of nicks and scrapes out-of-the-box–to which Phil Schiller said that it’s “normal”. As per employees interviewed by Bloomberg, “every step in the iPhone 5 manufacturing processes… offers possibilities to damage the light metal exterior, making it hard to make enough of the units that can meet the fresh requirements.”

Bloomberg also points to these stronger qualities regulates as the real cause of a conflict at Foxconn’s Zhengzhou factory earlier this week.  Despite reports of faults like scratches and purple halos in pictures, and also a buggy Maps app, the iPhone 5 is still very popular. Apple moved 5 million devices of the iPhone 5 in the 1st weekend it’s unveiled. This was less than 1st targets because of supply demands, but still 1 million better than the performance of the iPhone 4S.


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