iPhone 5 price drops to $98 at Walmart before iPhone 5S release

Walmart is selling the iPhone 5 for only $98 on a two-year agreement, effectively cutting $100 off the price of the leading iPhone a month before rumored iPhone 5S launch date. This is the most recent iPhone 5 contract to arrive from Walmart, which cut the price of the iPhone 5 down to $128 in June. Apple generally exercises remarkable price controls over the iPhone , but with the iPhone 5 retailers and carriers are selling many more discounts and deals.


Walmart also provides the iPhone 4S for $39, $60 less than carriers and most other retailers charge for the mid-range iPhone with a two-year deal. These iPhone 5 offers are valid for AT&T, Sprint and Verizon at a Walmart Wireless Center. This special in-store mobile phone stores are offered at most Walmart Super Centers. There’s no contract for the T-Mobile iPhone 5 which Walmart doesn’t sell on a payment plan or agreement.

This iPhone 5 contract doesn’t appear to focus on the iPhone 5 32GB or 64GB units. Best Buy is running a trade in promotion to get the iPhone 5 32GB for $149 with an iPhone trade in. While $100 of the iPhone 5 is quite an attractive contract, there’s a reason Walmart is dropping the price so much. While the iPhone 5S should look similar to the iPhone 5 and come with the same 4-inch Retina Display, rumors do add a number of features that shoppers should wait to see before purchasing an iPhone.

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