iPhone 5 lover gets ready to camp out

iPhone 5We are confident that we realize when the iPhone 5 will be introduced – Tuesday 4 October – and 1 guy is currently gearing himself up to get in the line. Rob Shoesmith, by day a marketing and Public relations executive for a mobile phone iphone app development company, is ready to camp out outside the Apple Store in Covent Garden, London, to be confident of buying himself an iPhone 5 on release day.

Big deal, you might say. Well, here is what makes it exciting – Shoesmith is ready to spend up to a month looking outside the shop for release day and intends to get there on the day Apple formally declares the latest phone.What is more, he cannot spend any investment. Everything he needs for the period of his stay will have to be given by others – cover, meals, outdoor outfits – as well as all the enjoyment he requirements to keep boredom at bay as he waits.

He is been busily planning the ground already – metaphorically talking, at least. Numerous firms have pledged to offer him with numerous items such as toilet tissue and contraptions that he can really utilize for going to the bathroom in, not to put too good a point on it. He will shower at a nearby fitness center and various regional restaurants have decided to bring him foodstuff, but he is also appealing to members of the public to stop by for a talk – anybody who turns up with a bacon sandwich in hand will be particularly welcome.

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